The founders of Fast Forward IT saw a need, and a better way of doing business.  Fast Forward IT exists to empower small and mid-sized business with the benefits of enterprise technology.  We believe in a transparent, no lock-in, methodology.



Why can’t small and mid-sized businesses leverage enterprise technologies?

Having worked in large enterprise environments, mid-size environments, and small environments, we observed a disparity in technology.  Many small and mid-sized businesses often miss out on the benefits of enterprise level technology.  Why can’t small and mid-sized business leverage enterprise technologies?  The answer is they can, but this wasn’t always the case.  It used to be the case that the use of enterprise technologies required large capital purchases, which did not make financial sense for small and even some mid-sized business.  The rise of cloud technologies has transformed enterprise technologies, there is no longer a large capital investment needed as it is possible to subscribe to enterprise level technologies instead of purchasing them.

The MSP lock-in problem.

Some, but not all, Managed Service Providers adopt a client lock-in methodology.  In a nutshell, this is an attempt to make if difficult for clients to leave.  MSPs sometimes offer services which they host and manage, such as backups, email, or other services.  Subscribing to these MSP owned services makes it extremely difficult for a client to migrate to another MSP.  Fast Forward IT does not practice a lock-in methodology.  Fast Forward IT manages your equipment, software, and services on your behalf.  The key is the equipment, software, and services are owned or subscribed to directly by the client.  This strategy allows clients to change MSPs much easier.  We believe this is an honest approach to servicing clients, and in our clients’ best interest.  We have found that our clients appreciate this approach to business.